The Future of Roofing

For years, Elon Musk and Tesla have been revolutionizing the automobile industry. Now Tesla is poised to disrupt the roofing industry with a new solar product. The company acquired Solar City. Tesla said it will be using that solar technology to create a new type of...

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How to Use Reviews to Find Good Roofers

Quality roof repairs or replacement are critical, and should not be performed by just any person who calls themselves a roofer. You need someone who is experienced and who has the training and skill to work on your particular type of roof, including the pitch type and...

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Fun and Interesting Facts about Roofing

For as long as people have been living in shelters that they made themselves, there have been roofs. In that long history, roofing materials and techniques have evolved, creating an interesting story about the evolution of it all. Fun and Interesting Facts about...

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