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2707, 2022
  • 3 Signs Its Time For An Emergency Roof Repair

3 Signs Its Time For An Emergency Roof Repair

July 27th, 2022|

3 Signs Its Time For An Emergency Roof Repair How To Determine Your Roof Needs An Emergency Repair If you notice a storm coming, do you wait for it to damage your house, or do you prepare for it? You should apply the same principle to your roof. When it starts showing damage signs, and if that damage continues, it's time for emergency repair from a Chandler roofing company with top-notch customer service. It’s easy to forget about roof repairs and go on with a normal life, but we think it’s something you shouldn't overlook. Let’s take a look at three crucial signs to know if your roof needs urgent repair.    Leaks Leaks are one of the main signs that indicate it’s time for an emergency roof repair. You may have a damaged roof if you see water stains, black mold, or peeling paint around your house.  Why should you consider mold and stains? Because water penetrates the lining of the roof, causing structural timber joints that will expand over your roof. These shifts will cause integral damage over [...]

2306, 2022
  • 6 Benefits Of Clay Roof Tiles For Arizona Home Owners

6 Benefits Of Clay Roof Tiles For Arizona Home Owners

June 23rd, 2022|

6 Benefits Of Clay Roof Tiles For Arizona Home Owners Clay Roof Tiles: The Best Choice For Your Arizona Home Homeowners who live in hot and dry climates like Arizona can sometimes be at a loss for options for the type of roofing. Clay roof tiles can be the best option, but few people know about them. This material was designed to withstand grueling heat, strong winds, and pouring rains, although it has other benefits worth mentioning.  Clay tiles have been used since the 12th century, proving that they are one of the most long-lasting and versatile roofing options. Nowadays, manufacturers create stronger clay tiles thanks to newer technology and techniques.  With all that said, what does make clay roof tiles so well-loved? Let’s check 6 benefits according to a Chandler roofing company to give you a better idea.  Practical & Visual Appeal One of the most popular advantages of clay tiles is their appearance. They are instantly recognizable with the terra cotta shade but have another array of colors, including natural browns or vibrant oranges. Each color creates [...]

1905, 2022
  • SPF roof in an Arizona home

The 4 Benefits Of Switching To SPF Roofs

May 19th, 2022|

The 4 Benefits Of Switching To SPF Roofs Reasons To Get Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing For Your Home In Arizona Having a reliable roof is indispensable to protect any liveable building. A resistant roof can keep everyone safe from harsh outdoor elements, such as rain and sun rays; that's why many people want roofing systems that can last long. The materials available in the market impact the roof’s appearance, durability, longevity, and budget. So, by knowing all this, what is the best roof for your building that won’t ruin your budget? A Chandler roofing contractor explains that all roofing systems have pros and cons. However, Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF is getting recognized because it’s affordable, efficient, and sustainable. If you are thinking about SPF, let us help you by offering you these 4 strong reasons to choose it. An Incredible Isolation Most people want to keep energy costs down, and we don’t think you are the exception. But for that, you have to ensure your house is properly insulated. With SPF roofing, you won’t have to stress about [...]

504, 2022
  • Effective drainage system in Arizona

Why Proper Drainage Is So Important For Arizona Commercial Roofs

April 5th, 2022|

Why Proper Drainage Is So Important For Arizona Commercial Roofs Crucial Features For Good Water Drainage Most commercial buildings have flat roofs, because they are frequently too large to make a pitched roof worth the expense and because a stylized roof is seldom needed. While a flat roof makes sense in most commercial building applications, it can also create challenges, especially with water drainage. If you are unsure whether your commercial building’s flat roof is effectively draining water, or if you are looking to install a new roof on your building, contact an experienced Fountain Hills roofing company to make sure that you have all of the essential elements and a solid design before you begin installation. Your contractor will make sure that you have three crucial features for good water drainage: Gutters: The most common drainage options for all types of roofs, gutters, are installed along the edges of the roof so that they will collect any water that may fall down or off of it. Long gutter pipes channel the water down the side of the building [...]

1503, 2022
  • Is Spray Foam Roofing a Good Option For Arizona Homeowners

Is Spray Foam Roofing a Good Option For Arizona Homeowners?

March 15th, 2022|

Is Spray Foam Roofing a Good Option For Arizona Homeowners? Why You Should Consider Spray Foam Roofing If You Live In Arizona Foam roofs are very popular in Arizona, and it’s not for less. They are durable, resistant, relatively affordable to install, and easy to maintain. They are the most popular flat roofing option and they offer more benefits for residential buildings than other roofing choices. But, what are these benefits, and why are they so important for your Arizona home? Take a look at the lines below to see the answer according to a Mesa roofing contractor.    What Is A Spray Foam Roofing? Polyurethane foam and elastomeric coating form what we call spray foam roofing. You may have heard about polyurethane foam; it is a material used for many things, including foam roofs. Since polyurethane is a high-density insulation material, it is used in many construction projects. The elastomeric coating is a waterproof layer that protects the roof against many environmental agents, such as water, sun rays, and rain.  Professional roofers apply a seamless layer of these [...]

2502, 2022
  • Why Certified Roofing Services Are Unbeatable

Why Certified Roofing Services Are Unbeatable

February 25th, 2022|

Why Certified Roofing Services Are Unbeatable Top 5 Reasons To Choose a Certified Roofing Contractor In Arizona The roof is one of the most crucial structural components of your home or commercial building, so when it’s time for a roof repair or replacement, it’s vital to hire an experienced and skilled Mesa roofing contractor. With so many contractors to choose from, it may feel overwhelming to find a quality one with the right credentials, but using manufacturer certifications as your primary search criteria can make this task much easier. Every legitimate roofer is licensed by their state, but only the best roofing contractors become manufacturer certified.  These certifications require specialized skills to achieve along with additional professional training and experience. A certified contractor will need to pass exams and meet other criteria in order to hold and maintain a certification. Since manufacturer certifications are awarded on an invitation-only basis after an arduous approval process, you can expect a certified roofing contractor to meet all local and state licensing requirements along with all insurance requirements, and to have a track [...]

102, 2022
  • Roofing Red Flag When Do You Need a New Roof

Roofing Red Flag: When Do You Need a New Roof?

February 1st, 2022|

Roofing Red Flag: When Do You Need a New Roof? Be Aware Of When Your Roof May Be Ready For a Replacement Most homeowners don’t check in on their roof very often, unless there is a problem such as a leak, a clogged gutter, or a broken tree branch that needs to be removed after a storm. Although some situations such as a catastrophic roof leak make it easy to know when you need Phoenix roof repair, in other situations it can be hard to know when you need a new roof or a repair. If your roof has been well maintained and not seen any major storms, it may go its entire life expectancy without needing any attention. At that point, it may need replacement just because it starts to look old and worn down. Or maybe you are doing some preventive maintenance on your home and want to replace your older roof before it falls prey to termites or another significant problem. While it might be tempting to avoid replacing an older roof that is still faithfully [...]

1310, 2021
  • Tile vs. Shingles What Type Of Roof Is Best For Arizona

Tile Vs. Shingles: What Type Of Roof Is Best For Arizona?

October 13th, 2021|

Tile Vs. Shingles: What Type Of Roof Is Best For Arizona? A Few Aspects To Consider Before Choosing Your New Roof Material Arizona has an attractive climate with warm temperatures throughout the year, accompanied by mostly sunny skies. People often flock here to get away from colder climates and those with more extreme weather. But the same things that make Arizona such an attractive place to live also create some challenges for properties. The intense heat can take a toll on roofs, as can the heavy rains and winds that come with the annual monsoons that roll through most of the state, including the entire Phoenix area. It’s important that you consider these aspects when you choose the material for your new roof installation. Two of the most common types of materials you are likely to consider are tile and shingle, as these are both popular choices. You will need to talk with a Queen Creek roofing contractor to understand the pros and cons of these for your particular property, but here are a few things you can consider: [...]

1709, 2021
  • Did My Roof Get Damaged in the Last Storm?

Did My Roof Get Damaged in the Last Storm?

September 17th, 2021|

Did My Roof Get Damaged in the Last Storm? How To Identify A Storm-Damaged Roof No matter where in the United States you live, it’s likely that you’ve encountered at least some severe weather at some point in time, whether that’s a tornado, a hurricane, a hailstorm, extreme heat and drought, or a summer squall with driving winds. Any type of rough weather can cause damage to your home’s roofing, siding, or other exterior materials.  So what do you do if you suspect roof damage, how do you identify it, and when is it time for Phoenix roof repair?  Types of Roof Damage Caused by Storms Wind Hurricane force winds (74 mph or greater) and gale winds (39-54 mph) can both cause visible damage to your roof. Most commonly, the winds will tear off pieces of tile or even whole shingles. This damage leaves the underlayment, roof deck, and other waterproofing material exposed. It can also cause damage to flashing and leave your attic vulnerable to water damage.  Hail Hailstorms tend to be short lived but can cause significant [...]

608, 2021
  • How Attic Insulation Contributes To The Efficiency Of Your Roof

How Attic Insulation Contributes To The Efficiency Of Your Roof

August 6th, 2021|

How Attic Insulation Contributes To The Efficiency Of Your Roof   Improve Your Roof Performance With a Complete Roofing System Your roof’s performance requires a lot more than quality shingles and flashing. In reality, an efficient roof requires a complete roofing system, including attic ventilation and insulation. The different elements of a roof and attic system work together to keep your home comfortable, help you save money on cooling and heating, and prevent harmful moisture buildup inside your home. Proper Attic Ventilation + Quality Insulation = Fewer Roof Problems The combination of quality attic insulation and a properly functioning ventilation system will protect your home by keeping moisture and heat out. When this is done correctly by your Phoenix roofing company, the right conditions and temperature can be maintained inside your attic throughout the year. Unfortunately, an attic that is not correctly vented and insulated will trap heat and moisture. Over time, this can cause significant damage to your home, including: Ice dams, which prevent water run-off and cause water damage inside the home Premature failure of roofing materials, [...]

907, 2021
  • Testing-The-Integrity-Of-Your-Roof-In-Preparation-For-Solar-Panels

Testing The Integrity Of Your Roof In Preparation For Solar Panels

July 9th, 2021|

Testing The Integrity Of Your Roof In Preparation For Solar Panels   How The Condition Of My Roof Can Affect a Solar Panel Installation? Solar panels are the perfect way to take advantage of the powerful Arizona sun and save on your energy bills. Your home’s roof is often the ideal location for solar panels because it gets the most sun exposure to maximize your solar energy production. As you begin your solar panel project, you’ll first need to know details about the age and condition of your roof. Any needed roof repairs or replacements will need to be completed by a Chandler roofing company before solar panels can be installed. Here are some considerations to test the integrity of your roof and determine whether it’s solar panel ready. What Type Of Shingles Are Best For Solar Panels? Almost any type of roof can support solar panels, including shingles made with asphalt, metal, or tile. The most important consideration is the roof is in good condition and has enough surface area to meet building codes and your energy production [...]

906, 2021
  • Situations-That-Always-Merit-An-Emergency-Roof-Repair

Situations That Always Merit An Emergency Roof Repair

June 9th, 2021|

Situations That Always Merit An Emergency Roof Repair   Key Danger Signs That You Need To Hire a Professional Arizona Roofing Company   While some roof repairs are minor and can be delayed for good weather or until the next season, some roof repairs are emergencies and can’t wait. Roofing problems never get better on their own. They only get worse with time. This is especially true when water is involved. If you notice a problem with the roof on your home or commercial building, it’s likely that you need an emergency roof repair. Here are some major red flags to be watchful for, because they mean you need to call a reliable Phoenix roofing contractor immediately to get an emergency roof repair. When Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair? Most likely, you’ll need Phoenix emergency roof repair when you notice any of the following: A small or significant leak in your roof Missing or damaged shingles Lifted or failing flashing around chimneys, valley, wall junctions, and pipe boots If you see any of these problems, calling a roofing company [...]

405, 2021
  • Pay Attention To Your Roof: It Might Be Trying To Tell You Something!

Pay Attention To Your Roof: It Might Be Trying To Tell You Something!

May 4th, 2021|

Pay Attention To Your Roof: It Might Be Trying To Tell You Something!   Professional Roofers Share 5 Signs You Need a Roof Repair In Arizona   Roofs are designed to be weather-tight so that your home or business is completely protected from the outside elements. But as materials wear out, storms or inclement weather cause damage, pests create weak points, or for any other number of reasons, sometimes your roof can no longer function the way it was intended to. If any elements are able to get through the roof of your home or business, you could be in for some trouble. All types of roofing need maintenance and repair from a roofing company every now and then. When you have your roof inspected, your roofer will be able to verify that your roof is still working properly and can also repair any minor damage that may have occurred, before it becomes a bigger problem. You’ll appreciate the confidence you can have knowing that your roof is in the best possible working condition and your home or building [...]

804, 2021
  • Allstate Roofing Selected As One Of Arizona's Best Businesses In 2021

Allstate Roofing Selected As One Of Arizona’s Best Businesses In 2021

April 8th, 2021|

Allstate Roofing Selected As One Of Arizona's Best Businesses In 2021   Our Phoenix Roofing Contractors Are Proud To Announce That They Have Earned The Top Ten No. 2 Ranking   They have consistently committed themselves to providing the highest quality customer satisfaction and top-rated roofing services throughout Phoenix and surrounding cities in the Valley. Locally owned and operated, Allstate Roofing is proud to offer commercial and residential roofing services and provide a consistent quality of service for each and every customer. Ranking Arizona Selects Arizona’s Best Businesses For 2021 Ranking Arizona is proud to announce that Allstate Roofing has earned a Top Ten No. 2 ranking in the 2021 edition of Ranking Arizona. “The companies that earn No. 1 rankings are those companies whose customers and clients say are the best companies to do business with in Arizona,” said Mike Atkinson, president and CEO of AZ Big Media. “There is no better endorsement in business than one from your customers.” Ranking Arizona is the result of the largest business opinion poll taken in Arizona. Ranking Arizona is based [...]

2203, 2021
  • How to Find the Source of Your Roof Leak

How to Find the Source of Your Roof Leak

March 22nd, 2021|

How To Find The Source Of Your Roof Leak   Phoenix's Expert Roofing Contractor's Guide On How To Find Roof Leaks   Roof leaks can prove disastrous. Even a small leak can cause extensive damage to your home if it is allowed to go on. You may think that you would never have this problem because you would never allow a leak to continue without calling a roofing contractor for repair. But many leaks continue for weeks or even months without you realizing they are there. You may not know that you have a problem until extensive damage has spread. When you do spot a leak, you should find its source as quickly as possible and repair it. The best way to do this is to call a roofing company in Chandler and schedule a roof repair as soon as possible. Here are a few likely sources of your roof leak: Shingle or Tile Over time, your shingles can become corroded, cracked, or loose, allowing for water to seep through and get under the roofing material. The underlayment can [...]

1202, 2021
  • 3 Critical Tips To Prevent Winter Roofing Problems

3 Critical Tips To Prevent Winter Roofing Problems

February 12th, 2021|

3 Critical Tips To Prevent Winter Roofing Problems   Expert Roofing Contractors Give Tips To Avoid Roof Damage During Cold Weather   Extreme weather can take a toll on your roof. Even if you live in an area that does not get ice or snow, like the Phoenix area, the lower temperatures can cause a lot of fluctuation in your roofing materials. The expansion and contraction can lead to a breakdown in the materials. If cracks or other openings form, the roof will become less energy efficient, making your home colder and harder to heat (and costing you a lot more money). The openings can also allow for water damage if it rains (which it will continue to do all winter long). You need to take steps to protect your roof and avoid costly roof repair or other problems. Fortunately, you don’t have to develop a complicated or costly routine. Here are three critical things you can do to prevent cold weather roofing disasters: Get Regular Roof Inspections The most important thing you can do to protect your roof [...]

2201, 2021
  • Why You Need A Certified Roofing Contractor For Your Roof Repair Featured Image

Why You Need A Certified Roofing Contractor For Your Roof Repair

January 22nd, 2021|

Why You Need A Certified Roofing Contractor For Your Roof Repair   The Benefits Of Hiring Certified Roofing Services In Arizona Any roofing contractor you hire should have professional training and experience to ensure that you are getting the results you need for your home. But some roofers have additional training that makes them an even better choice to entrust with your home. Certified roofers have received extra training in a specific area of roofing repair or installation, and they have passed exams and met other criteria to get the certification. Here are a few reasons that you should always choose a certified roofing contractor to work on your home: Roofers Committed To Professionalism A roofer who takes the time to become certified is a roofer who is committed to his craft. Becoming certified requires long hours of study and practice, sitting for an exam, and going through several other steps. No one does that casually. It takes real effort and commitment. When you hire a certified roofing contractor, you can be sure that you’re hiring someone who is [...]

3112, 2020
  • Important Elements that Determine Your Roof Insurance Claim Coverage

Important Elements that Determine Your Roof Insurance Claim Coverage

December 31st, 2020|

Important Elements that Determine Your Roof Insurance Claim Coverage File a Claim or Pay for the Roof Repair Yourself? Your roof is one of the most important components of your home – and it is also one that experiences some of the most damage. A tree limb could fall through your roof in a storm. Pigeons could get up under your eaves and spread damage. Or the passage of time could cause your shingles to wear down, leading to gradual deterioration. Hiring a roofing contractor to perform an annual roof inspection can help you identify problems early so that damage doesn’t have a chance to spread. But if you have extensive damage when it is found, or if your roof is damaged in a storm or an accident, you may be looking at a big bill, and you may be calling your insurance company to see if the damage is covered on your policy. Here are a few things that will be considered: Are You to Blame? A lot of homeowners are negligent when it comes to their roofs. [...]

1211, 2020
  • Subtle Indications That Your Roof is Damaged

Subtle Indications That Your Roof is Damaged

November 12th, 2020|

Subtle Indications That Your Roof is Damaged Sometimes the signs of Phoenix residential roofing damage are obvious, such as steady leaks, wet spots, or missing shingles. However, there are often many far less obvious signs indicating that Phoenix tile roofing needs attention, but these signs easily get missed because homeowners are unaware. An expert Phoenix roofing company near you, Allstate Roofing, has shared a few subtle signs to watch for that indicate your roof is damaged and needs Phoenix roof repairs.  1. Animal Life Having many birds or other animals on your Phoenix commercial roofing may seem like a normal part of life, but it is actually a clear indicator that your roof needs attention. Wild animals have a phenomenal knack for finding any available place on your roof to hide in or make their home. This only leads to more damage and the potential for leaks or bacteria growth inside your roof and attic. If you notice an increasing number of wildlife on your roof, it is time for a roof inspection. 2. Strange Whistling Sounds You may [...]

1410, 2020
  • How Investing In Your Roof Can Improve Your Home's Value

How Investing In Your Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Value

October 14th, 2020|

How Investing In Your Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Value Purchasing a home is a huge decision, no matter if it is your first home or your fifth. The home may be brand new, or simply new to you, but either way you will likely need to make some investments to improve the longevity of the home and increase its value. If you are like most people, this home will not be your last, so it is important to think ahead about ways to improve the resale value of your current home. One of these avenues of investment is the Phoenix residential roofing. Here are a few reasons why, from an expert Phoenix roofing contractor.  Upgraded Technology and Improved Energy Efficiency Glendale tile roofing is so much more important than most people realize. While it obviously protects your home from weather elements and debris, it also improves the overall energy efficiency of your home. Upgraded Glendale shingle roofing  technology has provided vast improvements in insulating your home more efficiently than before, which ultimately means that your heating and cooling [...]

1609, 2020
  • Why Regular Roofing Maintenance Should Be Your Top Priority

Why Regular Roofing Maintenance Should Be Your Top Priority

September 16th, 2020|

Why Regular Roofing Maintenance Should Be Your Top Priority Phoenix new roof installations and Phoenix roof repairs serving can be quite expensive. A bit of preventive maintenance can go a long way toward increasing the lifespan of your roof and saving yourself significant money over time. Whether you do the maintenance on your Phoenix tile roofing yourself, or hire a professional Phoenix roofing company near you, the results are the same – your roof will receive any necessary repairs in a timely fashion, and the chances of needing an expensive fix or entire Phoenix re-roofing will be much lower than if your roof were simply installed and then ignored. Here is a basic maintenance checklist to follow.  Regular Inspections Inspections ensure that your  Peoria residential roofing has not sustained any damages from exposure to sun, wind, rain, storms, debris, or other elements. It is critical to hire a professional Peoria roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection twice a year. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to quickly inspect your roof following any major weather patterns to check for damages [...]

1808, 2020
  • Common Elements That Will Shorten the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Common Elements That Will Shorten the Life of Your Commercial Roof

August 18th, 2020|

Common Elements That Will Shorten the Life of Your Commercial Roof The typical lifespan of a Phoenix commercial roofing system is anywhere from 10-40 years, depending on multiple factors. While it may not be in the forefront of your mind, taking appropriate care of tile roofing or Phoenix shingle roofing is necessary if you want your roof to last and be effective. Here are a few common factors to be aware of that directly affect the integrity and lifespan of your commercial roof. 1. Poor Installation If your residential roofing and commercial roofing were incorrectly installed by the initial Phoenix roofing contractor, you can fully expect to be facing continual repairs for as long as that roof covers your building. It is so critical to hire a reputable roofing company in Phoenix that carries licensing, insurance, and training. An experienced professional makes all the difference, and when you are making such a large investment into your business, it needs to be done right the first time. Additionally, if the roofing company in Phoenix used low-quality materials for the job, [...]

1407, 2020
  • 3 Problems With Your Commercial Roof That Should Be Addressed Immediately

3 Problems With Your Commercial Roof That Should Be Addressed Immediately

July 14th, 2020|

3 Problems With Your Commercial Roof That Should Be Addressed Immediately Whether you own a large or small business, the roof on your commercial building is protecting a big investment. As with any Phoenix residential roofing or commercial roofing, it is important to take the necessary steps to properly maintain it. Along with regular maintenance, doing repairs to any damages on your commercial Phoenix tile roofing in a timely manner is critical to protecting the longevity and durability of the roof, as well as the integrity of the business it protects. Here are three indications that your commercial roof needs immediate attention from a reputable roofing contractor serving Phoenix. Leaking The tricky thing about leaks is that some are obvious right away, while others can be unnoticeable for weeks or even months. If you begin to see any odd stains on the walls or ceilings of your business, or streaking that begins at the ceiling and goes toward the floor, it is quite likely there is a slow roof leak happening that needs to be addressed. Of course, if [...]

3005, 2020
  • The Pros and Cons of a PVC Roofing System for Your Commercial Roof

The Pros and Cons of a PVC Roofing System for Your Commercial Roof

May 30th, 2020|

The Pros and Cons of a PVC Roofing System for Your Commercial Roof Most people are very familiar with the typical flat roofs used on commercial warehouse-type buildings. These are PVC roofs, short for Polyvinyl Chloride, and have good reason to be so popular and widely used by Phoenix roofing contractors. Do you know the pros and cons of using a PVC Phoenix commercial roofing system? But What Is It Exactly? In order to fully understand the pros and cons of a PVC roof, you must first learn exactly what it is and why it is preferred over Phoenix tile roofing and Phoenix shingle roofing for large commercial buildings. Essentially, PVC roofing systems are made from two separate layers of PVC material, with polyester laid in between the layers for extra reinforcement. Additionally, it is usually manufactured with some additives to enhance flexibility, UV stability, and curing prevention. Acrylic coating is applied on top for extra reflectiveness and to repel dirt and dust. What are the Benefits? Many reputable Glendale roofing companies continually praise PVC and use it because [...]

1504, 2020
  • Rain Gutters

Are Rain Gutters Necessary for My Arizona Roof?

April 15th, 2020|

Are Rain Gutters Necessary for My Arizona Roof? Roofs tend to be quite the expensive endeavor. Because of this, you may consider foregoing rain gutters on your Phoenix residential roofing in an effort to conserve finances. While we certainly understand this train of thought, the team at Allstate Roofing wants to offer an alternative perspective and show you why rain gutters are actually a very important addition to every new roof installation near Mesa. Read ahead to learn more. WHY DO I NEED GUTTERS? It is true that Phoenix, and Arizona in general, have a very dry climate. Rain does not fall very often, and we can even go months without a single drop. While you may think that rain gutters are not needed on your Peoria tile roofing because of the lack of rain, consider that during the short monsoon season, downpours can actually be extremely damaging to your roof and consequentially the rest of your home. Having gutters could make all the difference in the longevity and durability of your roof. During this monsoon season, rains can [...]

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