What Is Included In Gutter Cleaning & How Frequently Should Be Cleaned?

Gutter Cleaning: How Often Should Be Professionally Cleaned?

Gutters are crucial parts of your home. They collect rainwater from your roof and prevent water damage to your house. If they become clogged or dirty, you can experience problems such as leaking roofs, mold growth, and even foundation cracks.

When done regularly, gutter cleaning on the roof can prevent thousands of dollars in roof repairs. Many Arizona residents believe prevention is worth a pound of cure When examining potential roofing issues.

Before calling a Phoenix roofing contractor, check our information below to know how often you should clean your gutter and what to include in the cleaning process.

Gutter Cleaning

What Exactly Does Gutter Cleaning Include?

First and foremost, gutter cleaning is a type of maintenance you undertake on your building to keep it running properly. You should keep in mind that gutters are channels that collect water and direct it away from the building to prevent it from penetrating gaps and openings in the construction. 

Keeping the channels open allows water to flow easily, but clogged gutters cause water to overflow into them, causing difficulties around foundations and basement window leaks. 

Leaves, branches, bark, and other obstructions will accumulate and create bottlenecks in the system, not to mention the proliferation of bird nests in rain gutter systems. It’s necessary to remove insects and other vermin to keep the gutter system’s integrity.

If you don’t do the work regularly, the build-up will be harder to remove. A professional with the necessary tools and skills should perform this task. If you don’t keep your gutters clear, you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home repairs, which is money down the drain.

Always contact a reliable Chandler roofing company to clean your gutters on time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Gutter cleaning is necessary at least twice a year, ideally in the late spring and fall, to prevent your roof from damage throughout the summer and fall. Your environment will also affect when you should clean your gutters. 

If you live in a densely forested location, you may need to clean your gutters more than twice a year because the accumulation of leaves in the gutter determines the frequency of cleaning. The fall brings more rain, and that mixed with gutter waste is a formula for disaster.

Your Sun City West roofing contractor is still the most appropriate person to tell you the cleaning frequency.

Gutter Cleaning & Safety (All That’s Included In The Process)

High Altitude Work

To reduce safety risks while working high in the air, many gutter cleaning companies will use a vacuum device to remove material from gutters. When working at heights, some businesses require their staff to wear a safety harness, and they have received special training on how to do so safely.

Ladder Safety

Roofing contractors use the right size ladder (one that can support the climber’s weight and the necessary gear for the work) and wear the appropriate footwear. 

They usually position the ladder near a closed door and on solid, level ground. Three points of touch is a general rule of thumb. In other words, either one foot and two hands should be on the ladder, or two feet and one hand should be on the ladder.

It is safer to face the ladder, and never move it while standing on it.

Experts never rush up or down the ladder if they need tools; instead, they wear a tool belt to hold onto the ladder.

Checking The Weather

Checking the weather forecast is crucial to avoid any coming adverse weather.

The Glendale roofing contractor usually delays the gutter cleaning for a better day if it’s windy or you can see dark clouds.

Gutter Damage

When your rain gutters are damaged, you should expect four issues to arise. Rain gutter deterioration causes: leaks, sags, overflow, and pools around the roof.

To eliminate the gutter’s sags, the roofer can add a hanger. If cracks are the main issue, the roofer can seal them with a sealant, or in other circumstances, a patch applied over a hole.

Contacting The Experts

Now that you know the cleaning frequency and what it includes, feel free to contact the experts at Allstate Roofing to make sure your roof remains in perfect condition. You can call for more information about our services!

Written by Chad Thomas

“Chad Thomas, born in Arizona and influenced by his licensed roofer father, gained extensive experience in major companies before founding his own licensed roofing business.”