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Allstate Roofing Inc. strives to provide only the highest quality of workmanship and products to fill the needs of the people we serve. We are always looking for cost-effective ways to fulfill those needs without sacrificing the quality of our services and products we provide. Specializing in all phases of the Phoenix roofing process; from re-roofing to repairs, Allstate Roofing Inc. is dedicated to serving the residential community valley-wide. We believe that customer service and craftsmanship go hand in hand.

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    Tile roofing is on its way to becoming the most popular roofing material in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s available in an endless array of colors and architectural styles. There are many different types of Phoenix tile roofing to consider, but clay and concrete are among the most widely used by roofers in Phoenix, and for good reason. Tile roofing is cost effective, extremely durable, energy efficient, environmentally safe and can last a lifetime. In Europe, there are structures over 150 years old containing the original tile roofing. Tile roofing is eco-friendly for a number of reasons beyond just its longevity. Roofing tiles help to conserve energy in every type of climate.

    In Phoenix, the main concern is usually cooling. Tile roofing, due to its makeup and installation, creates natural ventilation, allowing heat to be transferred to the roof deck. The combination of a properly pitched roof and air flowing beneath the roofing tiles has been shown to reduce the transfer of heat through the roof into a home’s attic by between 50 and 70 percent in comparison to a roof containing darkly colored asphalt shingles.

    Clay or concrete roofing tiles are made from natural, renewable materials. They don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or petroleum products, so any waste is easily recycled, reducing the amount of solid waste in landfills.

    Other types of Phoenix AZ roofing tiles include concrete fiber reinforced, and synthetic. Many of these, such as synthetic roofing tiles can be made to resemble other tiles, such as clay, or cedar.

    Recent Project In City of Phoenix Completed By Our Tile Roofers

    Phoenix Tile Roofing Company

    Allstate Roofing is a top Phoenix tile roofing company. Our highly qualified roofers work on residential and commercial buildings throughout the valley.

    Recent Project For City of Phoenix Tile Roof Repair

    Phoenix Tile Roof Repair

    Our certified tile roofers can repair any type of tile roofing problem to reduce your risk of expensive damage. We diagnose the problem to make sure that all issues are addressed to prevent future repairs.

    Recent City of Phoenix Tile New Roof Installation Job By Allstate

    Phoenix Tile Roof Installations

    You need only the best for your tile roof installation, and Allstate Roofing only hires the best. Our roofers are certified in tile installation, and they can work with all tile types safely and expertly.

    What is a Tile R&R?

    Your Phoenix, AZ tile roof may still look great to the casual observer despite the fact that it is 15 to 20 years old. Sure, you see a few cracked tiles, but tile lasts forever, right? Unfortunately this is a common misconception when it comes to tile roofs. While concrete roof tile does have a long life span, the reality is that the tile itself is largely decorative. The tile underlayment is what actually stops water from getting through your roof and into your home, and the underlayment wears out with time. Any cracked or broken tiles expose the underlayment to the harsh Arizona sun, speeding the process of deterioration even more.

    If your PHX tile roof is over 15 years old, it is time to have the underlayment evaluated by a licensed AZ roofing contractor. Whether you’re considering a full tile roof replacement or looking for a tile roof repair, Allstate Roofing Company has the expertise to properly evaluate your tile roof. Often, a Tile R&R can be performed rather than installing all new tile on your roof. Tile R&R can save you a substantial amount of money over a new tile roof, but what is it?

    Tile R&R stands for “tile removal and replacement.” The process consists of carefully removing your existing roofing tile in order to replace the underlayment. After all the existing roofing materials have been removed, your roof’s substrate will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is in satisfactory condition to support your new roofing materials. New underlayment is then installed. Today’s underlayment materials are far more advanced from the older materials, providing better leak protection for a longer period of time. On top of the new underlayment, new wood battens are installed. These narrow wood strips are the material which the tile is actually attached to.

    There have been significant changes in the past several years to the requirements for tile roofs; Allstate Roofing stays up-to-date with these requirements, and will ensure that your roof meets all current codes.

    This means that Allstate Roofing will replace all roof flashings, and install hip and ridge enclosure. In addition, the new codes require metal drip edge and bird stop be installed on all tile roofs. These items will be included in your Tile R&R from Allstate Roofing, Inc.

    Your tile will now be re-installed over the new underlayments. handlNo matter how carefully your existing tile has been ed, there will always be a certain amount of tile breakage which occurs with a tile R&R. Rest assured that the new tile will be matched as closely as possible to your existing tile, and incorporated seamlessly into your roof surface.

    To learn more about the tile roofing professionals at Allstate Roofing, please visit us online. Then call 602-484-7663 to schedule your free estimate.


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    I had my A/C replaced and unfortunately the seal between the a/c and the roof leaked. I called Allstate and they came out, figured out what needed to be done and took care of it! That’s what I believe is the way it should be done. I recommend Allstate to everyone who wants to know who I think is the roofer to call!


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    I was very pleased with this company from the beginning to the end. They were very good at communicating each step. From the staff in the office to the superintendent on the job. I was alway informed of each step and everyone was professional and very nice. I would highly recommend Allstate Roofing.


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