How Could Extreme Heat Impact Your Roof?

The Toll Of Extreme Heat On Your Roof & Possible Solutions

If you live in Arizona or other parts of the country where extremely hot weather is typical all year round, you probably already know that extreme heat can cause damage to your home. But do you know how to deal with these problems? Is it always necessary to call a Chandler roofing company?

You may need to call the experts regardless of the situation, but before that, it’s always a good idea to identify the problems your roof could face when extreme heat appears. Read the information below to learn more about these issues and their most common signs.

Extreme Heat On a Roof in Arizona

Common Issues With Extreme Heat

Here’s a list of the most common roofing issues when there’s scorching heat in the environment.

Extreme Heat Shorten Your Roof’s Lifespan

The repairs will depend on the extent of the damage. If the shingles are just cracked, you will only need to repair the cracks. You will need a resistant sealant to fix them.

Spread the sealant quickly underneath the crack using a putty knife. While pressing the shingle, apply another layer on top of the crack. Press the shingle until the putty hardens and seals the shingle. Leave it dry.

Contact your trusted roofing contractor in Anthem for any help. 

Water Damage

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor and moisture in the air. A region’s humidity level rises because the water rising into the air evaporates more frequently. It can harm your roof since moisture can accumulate between the shingles. Your roof could get water leaks over time. 

Thermal Shock

Temperatures might fluctuate a lot during the summer. It can get quite warm throughout the day, but after the sun goes down, it can get very cold. These temperature swings can cause your roof to expand and compress quickly. This situation is what we know as thermal shock. 

Thermal shock induces stress and may cause your roofing materials to break, making your roof more vulnerable to damage.

First Solutions To Protect Your Roof

You can try some of these recommendations to protect your roof from extreme heat, but remember to contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to find the appropriate solution.


A well-aired attic is one of the strongest defenses against intense heat. Cool air enters a typical home through vents in the soffits under the eaves and leaves as hot air through vents close to the roof’s peak. Our Glendale roofing contractor claims that attic fans and ridge vents improve airflow even more.

However, there are more ways to keep your roof cool!


You can use many different kinds of roofing materials with reflective effects. The coatings reflect sunlight away from the roofing materials below by being white or having reflecting pigments added. 

These coatings help shield the roof from UV rays and chemical harm. Some even offer additional impact protection and water resistance. For most roofing types, coatings are either readily available or built-in.

Check below how to use coatings for different types of roofs. 

Asphalt Shingles

You can also purchase new shingles on the market that contain granules carefully treated to reflect the sun’s rays.

Built-Up Roofing

You can significantly increase the cooling effect of a built-up roof by switching out reflecting marble chips or reflective mineral granules and adding a reflective coating.


Another suggestion is to request the manufacturer to pre-coat the sheets with a roof coating.


Foam is extremely vulnerable to UV and moisture damage. These roofs require a protective covering to keep water out and also to reflect heat and prevent UV damage.

Tile Roofs

Glazing can offer waterproof and reflecting properties to tile, clay, slate, or concrete roofing materials. Your Chandler roofing company may recommend you glaze your tile roofs once installed. 

Green Roofs

Finally, you might consider a green roof instead of a traditional one. Roofs with a flat or shallow pitch can be covered with vegetation or even converted into a garden area. 

Green roofs offer excellent insulation, which reduces heating and cooling expenses. They lessen the impact of the urban heat island. Not to mention, they flourish under the sun!

Contact A Phoenix Roofing Company

While there are some things you can do to combat these hot roof issues, contacting a reputable roofer is the best way to keep your roofing cool. Allstate Roofing is the roofing company to call if you need a top-rated roofer throughout the Valley! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Written by Chad Thomas

“Chad Thomas, born in Arizona and influenced by his licensed roofer father, gained extensive experience in major companies before founding his own licensed roofing business.”