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Allstate Roofing specializes in Phoenix foam roofing. Foam roofing is a fantastic choice for Phoenix residential and commercials structures due to its green building factor as well as is insulating and energy efficient properties. Allstate Roofing has installed countless foam roofs all over the valley. We educate our Phoenix customers about the great properties of foam roofs and their low maintenance requirements. Our expert service along with affordable prices, make us the top choice for all your Phoenix foam roof related needs.

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    Benefits of Foam Roofing

    Aside from an incredibly long lifespan and minimal maintenance, SPF has many other fantastic attributes. It is a fantastic insulator, which can help reduce your Phoenix cooling costs dramatically; it is a green building material, which is great for the environment and further prevents rain or wind from entering your structure, because of the seamless nature of the roof construction. It is extremely durable and lightweight, which means that unlike with a tile roof, you do not have to worry whether your structure can support the roofing materials.

    Many Phoenix residents are unfamiliar with foam roofing, often known as SPF, short for spray foam roofing. When people hear of foam roofing they may think of a styrofoam cooler or the type of foam used to fill a cushion. Foam roofing is nothing like that.Instead it begins as two separate liquids that when mixed together and sprayed onto a surface, can expand up to 30 times its original size and forms a solid, seamless, watertight roofing system.

    Once it has been applied, Phoenix foam roofing requires a protective elastomeric coating, which has the ability to expand and contract with the foam. This coating is usually applied in three separate coats with special granules embedded into it to protect against UV rays.


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    One of the many reasons foam roofing in Phoenix is so cost effective and eco-friendly is that it can be installed over practically any type of existing roof, eliminating both the cost of tearing off the old roof and the use of a landfill for disposal.

    Foam roofing is also extremely energy efficient. Studies have shown that the use of foam roofing in a hot climate like Phoenix can pay for itself in less than five years.

    Additionally foam roofing has a long life span if it is properly maintained. Foam roofing should be cleaned and re-coated about every 12 years. When foam roofing is properly installed and maintained it can last up to 50 years.

    Foam roofing should only be applied by a Phoenix roofing contractor experienced in its use. Numerous problems can arise during the application, and the roofing contractor must have the ability to recognize a problem quickly and be willing to stop immediately to deal with it without regard to lost time or pay. In other words their goal must be customer satisfaction and pride in a job well done.


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    Alex D.

    I had my A/C replaced and unfortunately the seal between the a/c and the roof leaked. I called Allstate and they came out, figured out what needed to be done and took care of it! That’s what I believe is the way it should be done. I recommend Allstate to everyone who wants to know who I think is the roofer to call!


    Robin C.

    We always do a lot of research and review reading before making a decision as big as purchasing a new roof. Allstate stood out among many companies, and they lived up to their reviews! Fair price and honest professionalism is what everyone wants…That’s what you will get with Allstate Roofing.


    Denise H.

    I was very pleased with this company from the beginning to the end. They were very good at communicating each step. From the staff in the office to the superintendent on the job. I was alway informed of each step and everyone was professional and very nice. I would highly recommend Allstate Roofing.


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