Ahwatukee Arizona is a small urban community just outside of Phoenix. It is bordered on the North by South Mountain and cities Guadalupe, Chandler and Tempe on the South. It has many beautiful homes, some belonging to professional athletes that play for the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. The climate in Ahwatukee during the winter averages around 67 degrees and during the hot summer months temperatures tend to be around 107 degrees.

If you’re a golf enthusiast Ahwatukee boasts three regulation public golf courses plus an 18-hole executive golf course. The courses in this city are amazing and boast some of the most beautiful scenery a golf course can provide. For those who love the holidays, every Thanksgiving kicks off the annual Festival of Lights in Ahwatukee and runs through January 1st. Every April there are many festivals that begin around the city and run throughout the year, providing a lot of tasty food, wines and entertainment.


Ahwatukee Roof Repair

Homeowners that live in this beautiful area, the summer months bring very hot temperatures in the summer, along with monsoon rains, and together these elements can wreak havoc on your roof. If your roof is leaking or showing signs of failure, Allstate Roofing can help. We have the experience and the expertise to fix your roof fast and efficient – and at a great rate to boot. When you notice problems with your roof, our professional Ahwatukee roofers will assess the damage on your residential or commercial roof and get to work. We understand how important a healthy roof is for your entire building. No matter how small or big the damage on your roof may be, we provide quality workmanship with quality materials. No job is too big or too small.

Ahwatukee Shingle Roofs

Shingle Roofs are a popular choice for Ahwatukee,Arizona homes. They are extremely affordable and have a pretty good lifespan. But sometimes they do get damaged, especially during monsoon season. A strong rain, can wash away an excessive amount of granules, while high winds can blow off shingles altogether. If your shingle roof suffers from one or the other, call your Shingle Roof Experts at Allstate Roofing. We know shingle roofs and can repair any damage on your shingle roof and prevent bigger problems from coming up down the road.

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Ahwatukee Tile Roofs

Tile Roofs are a very attractive choice for any roof. Though tiles cost more than shingles, the longer lifespan makes the expense worthwhile. But even sturdy tile roofs can get damaged once in a while. Maybe a strong storm has blown of some tiles, or you have noticed some tiles are cracking; if you spot any problems with your tile roof, contact Allstate Roofing today. Our Ahwatukee tile roofers can handle any tile repair or replacement, your roof may need. We can even match tile colors to existing tiles, if you need us to.

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If you need a new roof, our team of experienced contractors will be there to help you determine the best options for your Ahwatukee home or business. Your options range from the flexible and affordable shingle roofing to the more durable tile roofing. For businesses, foam roofing can provide a lifetime of protection and requires very low maintenance.

Whatever your roofing needs are, our professional team will be there to meet them. Call Allstate Roofing today to find out why we have a reputation as the top roofing company in Paradise Valley. Find out the difference that our experience and training can make, and get the roof repair or maintenance you need as quickly as you need it.

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