3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Not Postpone Your Roof Repair

What Are The Potential Risks Of Delaying Roof Fixes?

Homeowners know that life is filled with expenses. When other problems get in the way, it can be difficult to prioritize roof repairs. However, postponing roof repair for too long can result in significant consequences that are even more inconvenient and expensive than it would have been to deal with a small repair in the first place. Waiting to restore or repair your roof can seriously jeopardize your home’s stability, well-being, finances, and even the safety of your family.

If you need roof repair in Phoenix, get in touch with an experienced roofing professional who can determine what repairs are needed and get them taken care of right away before small problems become major issues.

Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t postpone roof repair include:

Roof Repair in AZ

Risk Of Leaks & Moisture In Your Home

Even in Arizona’s relatively dry climate, there is still the risk of water leaking into your home. This is especially true if your roof is fairly old or if your home’s structure has weakened over time. Wind, ice, hail, rain, and other types of water damage can seriously weaken your roof, leaving your home vulnerable to damage.

There’s a common misconception that small holes are not a serious issue, but they will always get bigger and can have major impacts, which can include:

  • Reduced R-value of your attic’s insulation once it becomes wet or exposed to the elements
  • Risk of fire if water trickles down to wiring, the circuit box, outlets, or other electrical components in your home
  • Serious health risks from mold or mildew growth
  • Vulnerability to pest infestations, including rodents, ants, and termites, which can be extremely difficult to eradicate and cause further damage to your home
  • Water damage to sheetrock, ceilings, flooring, carpeting, and personal possessions
  • Structural or foundational damage, which can jeopardize your home in extreme circumstances

Evidence of leaks can include water spots in your attic or ceiling, mold growth, soft sheetrock, and puddles of water. If you notice any indications of water damage in your home, get in touch with an experienced Chandler roofing contractor right away for inspection and repairs.

More Expensive Roof Repairs Later

Ignoring or postponing small roof repairs will result in more expensive repairs later when the damage becomes more extensive. Once a small issue becomes larger, you may be forced to replace larger portions of your roof decking, more shingles and flashing, new attic insulation, and repair any interior damage that may have resulted from leaking water into your home. Homes that need mold remediation face a very expensive and invasive process in addition to long-term health consequences that are difficult to treat. If your roof is drooping from long-term water damage that was not addressed right away, you may need a full roof replacement that can even include structural elements of your home, such as roof trusses or foundation repair. Contact a trusted Sun West City roofing company immediately if your roof sustains any damage from a storm, fallen tree branch, wind, or other cause.

Your Insurance May Not Cover The Repair

Home insurance policies generally cover harm from normal causes, but if the damage is due to negligence or lack of maintenance or repair, they may not cover the damage even if it has a natural cause in the first place. This means that the longer you wait to contact Phoenix roof repair, the less your home insurance policy is likely to cover. After a storm or fallen tree branch, always do a thorough inspection of your roof, or contact a Chandler roofing contractor to perform an inspection for you. Damage to your roof may not be apparent from the ground and sometimes requires a professional inspection to uncover all of the damage. Don’t wait; get your roof repairs managed right away so that your home stays dry, clean, and safe!

Get Timely Roof Repair From A Leading Phoenix Roofing Company

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Written by Chad Thomas

“Chad Thomas, born in Arizona and influenced by his licensed roofer father, gained extensive experience in major companies before founding his own licensed roofing business.”