The Health of Your Phoenix Roof

How the Inside of Your Phoenix Home Clues You in about the Health of Your Roof
The Phoenix roofing contractors at Allstate Roofing share what to look out for in your home, that can be a sign of roofing problems.
Phoenix, Arizona

You may not think much about the health of your Phoenix AZ roof until water comes pouring through your ceiling and flooding your floors. However, there may have been warning signs long before such a disaster that there were problems with your roof. Identifying these signs early can help you avoid expensive roof repair and total re-roofing.

Here are a few signs you might notice that the health of your Phoenix roof needs some attention:

Peeling Paint

Paint can begin to peel as a result of age, but that doesn’t happen for many years. In most cases, peeling paint is a sign of water damage.

It doesn’t take much to make the paint begin to peel. Even a small leak can cause enough condensation and humidity to loosen the paint. The leak may be so small that you don’t notice any other signs of a problem. Therefore, it is important that you take peeling paint as a serious sign of a potential problem with your roof.

Cracked Caulking

Most caulk is designed to resist water damage and extreme changes in temperature. However, older caulk and lower-quality caulk is more vulnerable to these influences. Damage to the wood, trim, drywall and other structures connected by the caulk can also cause it to crack.

If you see cracked caulking around your crown molding, ceiling seams, window frames or door frames, it may be a sign that water is coming through your roof somewhere.


Where there is smoke, there is fire. Mold is a sure sign of water damage wherever it appears. Mold cannot grow outside of a damp, dark environment. However, once a mold infestation has taken root, it may begin to appear in places where you can see it, such as in small patches on your ceiling or your walls.

You should take any signs of mold seriously. Your roof should be your first suspect if the mold appears on the ceiling or the walls.

Stains and Water Spots

Water doesn’t always leave behind a trail of mold in its wake. Sometimes, it just causes yellow or brown stains.

Even small leaks in your Phoenix AZ roof can cause these spots. You may notice only a small area, no bigger than a quarter even. Don’t ignore these signs. They could indicate the need for Phoenix roof repair that, if ignored, could lead to the need for whole re-roofing.

Higher Energy Costs

Your home’s roof plays a big role in its energy consumption. The same cracks and breakdowns in the roof that can lead to leaks can also allow more air to pass in and out of the attic or space above your ceiling.

When your roof begins to experience problems, you may notice it in the higher energy costs you start to rack up. Pay close attention to your heating and cooling bills, and if you start to notice an upward climb, look to your roof as a possible culprit.

Only an experienced roofing contractor can diagnose the problems with your roof and correct them before they become bigger issues. Allstate Roofing provides both residential and commercial roofing services for homes and properties throughout Phoenix AZ. Our licensed and insured Phoenix roofing contractors can perform routine annual maintenance to identify problems as early as possible, helping you to save on potential repairs. If you discover problems too late, our contractors can help to restore your roof to top health with timely and professional Phoenix roof repair. We also specialize in new roofs and re-roofing with all types of materials, including shingle roofs, tile roofs, and foam roofs.

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