What New Homeowners Need to Know About Their Glendale Roof

So, You Bought a New Home…

So, you bought a new home and maybe it’s your first property purchase, maybe it’s not. But when purchasing a home in the Glendale area, there are several issues you want to pay attention to in regards to the roof and related issues.

For one, you want to find out if your roof comes with a warranty that is transferable to you. This is important, because in the event of the roof becoming damaged either a Glendale roofer or the insuring agency would cover cost of repair or replacement. Should your purchase not include a transferable warranty, consider getting additional insurance for your roof.

What Homeowners Need To Know About Their Roofs

Ask the previous owner (if it is not a new construction), for documentation on Glendale roof repairs performed, warranty papers, what materials were used and when and why repairs took place. This information will clue you in on the general health of your Glendale home and roof, as well as on what insurance coverage you may require.

Get smart about roofing materials. You should know what type of roofing material is used on your roof, what the benefits, the drawbacks and the cost of a possible replacement could be. If you buy a home with shingles, the lifespan of the material will be significantly shorter than that of a tile roof. Also a tile roof has much more protection to offer than a shingle roof ever could. Tile roofs can withstand wind and hail, seismic movements and more. Shingles are cheaper, but not as durable. You should talk to a licensed Glendale roofer to go over your options.

Yes, your roof needs maintenance. In order for your roof to protect you and your home efficiently your Glendale roofing contractor will advise you to inspect it at least twice a year. Check the roof and gutters for debris, dead birds, algae, and more. Both need to be in excellent shape. Damage to either can cause damage to the house, the support of the roof, the foundation and even the basement. If your inspections turn up evidence of damage such as missing shingles, tiles or holes, you should call your local Arizona roofing experts to repair the issue, as soon as possible. Waiting to get repair work done, will only worsen the issue.

Should your roof need replacement, research energy efficient roofing options. If you live in a hot climate, such as Glendale, this is an especially smart move. Over the last few decades, many innovations have been made that can help you to save money on your energy bill, by installing energy friendly roofs such as green roofs, cool roofs or solar panels. The Glendale roof installers at Allstate Roofing are qualified to take care of a variety of roofing options.

Your roof may protect more than just your family. Roofs are often welcome hiding spots for critters, pests and more. Those do not only leave nasty droppings in your attic and outside your home, they can also damage your Glendale roof severely.

What new homeowners need to know about their Glendale roof!

What new homeowners need to know about their Glendale roof!
When purchasing a home in Glendale, there are several issues you want to pay attention to in regards to the roof!
Glendale, Arizona

As you probably have realized during the house buying process, the material used for the roof and its condition has a big impact on the value of your home. If you decide to sell your Glendale home, in the future, consider if or if not you want to upgrade the roofing of you home.

Most importantly, if your roof is damaged, leaking, shingles or tiles are missing or if you notice cracks in the foundation, you should call Allstate Roofing for a consult. Do not attempt to fix serious roof issues yourself, you might simply increase the damage.

If you are looking for a reputable, trustworthy roofing contractor in Glendale and surrounding areas including Phoenix, Peoria, Surprise and Sun City, call Allstate Roofing today at 602-484-7663. We are a full service roofing contractor providing maintenance, repair and installation services for foam, tile and shingle roofs.

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