Your Glendale, AZ tile roof may still look great to the casual observer, despite the fact that it is 15 to 20 years old. Sure, you see a few cracked tiles, but tile lasts forever, right? Unfortunately this is a common misconception when it comes to tile roofs.

While concrete roof tile does have a long life span, the reality is that the tile itself is largely decorative. The tile underlayment is what actually stops water from getting through your roof and into your home, and the underlayment wears out with time. Any cracked or broken tiles expose the underlayment to the harsh Arizona sun, speeding the process of deterioration even more.

Allstate Roofing Glendale Tile R & R

If your Glendale tile roof is over 15 years old, it is time to have the underlayment evaluated by a licensed Glendale roofing contractor. Whether you’re considering a full tile roof replacement or looking for a tile roof repair, Allstate Roofing is a trusted roofing company that has the expertise to properly evaluate your tile roof. Often, a Tile R&R can be performed rather than installing all new tile on your roof. Tile R&R can save you a substantial amount of money over a new tile roof, but what is it?

What Does It Entail?

Tile R&R stands for “tile removal and replacement.” The process consists of carefully removing your existing roofing tile, in order to replace the underlayment. After all the existing roofing materials have been removed, your roof’s substrate will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is in satisfactory condition to support your new roofing materials. New underlayment is then installed by a certified Glendale roofer. Today’s underlayment materials are far advanced from the older materials, providing better leak protection for a longer period of time. On top of the new underlayment, new wood battens are installed. These narrow wood strips are the material which the tile is actually attached to.

Stay Up To Date With Roofing Codes

What is a Glendale Tile R & R?

What is a Glendale Tile R&R?

Learn more about the money saving benefits of a tile roof R & R and how it makes your roof last longer!
Glendale, Arizona

There have been significant changes in the past several years to the requirements for tile roofs; Allstate Roofing stays up-to-date with these requirements, and will ensure that your roof meets all current codes. This means that a qualified Glendale roofing company like Allstate Roofing will replace all roof flashings, and install hip and ridge enclosure. In addition, the new codes require metal drip edge and bird stop be installed on all tile roofs. These items will be included in your Tile R&R from Allstate Roofing, Inc.

Your tile will now be re-installed over the new underlayments. No matter how carefully your existing tile has been handled, there will always be a certain amount of tile breakage which occurs with a tile R&R. Rest assured that the new tile will be matched as closely as possible to your existing tile, and incorporated seamlessly into your roof surface when you trust the Glendale roofers at Allstate roofing.

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