What Does and Doesnt Damage Your Roof in Peoria Arizona?When you live in a place like Peoria where there are extreme temperatures, it is important to keep your roof in the best shape possible by performing routine maintenance and getting Peoria roof repair performed early by a qualified roofing contractor. A healthy roof will help to keep your home insulated and to regulate the temperature inside. Not only will that make your home more comfortable, but it will also help to lower your energy costs. Of course, a healthy roof will also keep out rain and prevent moisture damage that can threaten the integrity of the whole structure.

Understanding what can damage your roof is important to knowing what preventive measures to take. Unfortunately, even things that can be totally harmless for your roof can also cause damage over time.


In most cases, a strong wind isn’t going to do much to your roof, especially if it is in good condition. Shingles and tiles that are properly installed will stand up to very strong winds. However, if your roof has started to age, or if the original work was not properly performed, a strong wind storm can cause shingles and tiles to come loose. Clay and stone tiles are especially vulnerable to strong winds, and the tiles can break if they are blown loose.


Rain is another common element that shouldn’t damage your Peoria roof in most cases. The exception, again, is if your roof has started to show signs of wear. For example, if the bond between the shingles has started to crack, rain can get into that space and widen it. The moisture can then contribute to the breakdown of the underlayment and eventually cause major leaks. The same is true for tile roofs.


A hailstorm can be a big threat to any kind of roof. The bigger the hail, the more damage it can do. Hail can break tiles or even smash a hole through your roof. When hail is combined with strong winds, the potential for damage is even higher.


Some dirt and leaves gathering on the eaves isn’t likely to hurt your roof. However, if you leave debris on your roof for long periods of time, it can begin to contribute to the breakdown of your roof. Dirt, moss, and other debris can breakdown the underlayment of the roof, providing an opening for moisture other corrosive elements.

Proper maintenance is key to reducing the need for roof repair. A qualified Peoria roofing contractor from Allstate Roofing can perform a regular assessment of your roof to find signs of weakness or damage. When these issues are addressed promptly, the roof is less vulnerable to common destructive elements, like wind, rain, hail and debris. Allstate Roofing performs roof repair on homes and businesses throughout Peoria. Call us today to find out how we can help you get your roof in the best shape possible to protect your investment.

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