Working with the right Phoenix roofing company in 85053 can help you get the right roof for your Phoenix home or business. Understanding the top reasons for Phoenix roof repair can also help you make the right choice for your roofing contractor or roof type. Here are the top five reasons your roof might experience problems:

The Top 5 Phoenix Roof Problems

1. Faulty Installation

Your roof needs to be properly installed to give it the best start. Faulty installation will soon manifest itself as loose shingles, broken tiles, cracked foam, crumbling underlayment, and leaks throughout your home.

You can ensure proper installation by choosing the right PHX roofer. Research the reputation of the company before you hire them. Look at online reviews, talk to previous customers and check to see if any complaints have been filed with agencies like the Better Business Bureau. A quality company will have a well-known reputation for superior workmanship.

2.Standing Water

Roofs must be installed with the right slope to help move water away from the house. Without the right pitch on the roof, water will begin to pool.

Standing water can be a major problem for your roof. It can put undue weight on your roof, weakening the support structure and causing the tiles or shingles to break or collapse. Standing water can also insinuate itself into small cracks or help to create them, leading to leaks.


are one of the biggest problems you can have with your roof. They can occur anywhere on your roof, and they can happen for a number of reasons. Improper installation, standing water, broken shingles or tiles, crumbling underlayment, loose flashing and more can all lead to leaks.

You’ll need to hire an experienced roofing contractor to discover the source of any leaks. The source is not always obvious since water can flow to another location before it enters your home. Your roofing contractor can perform the necessary roof repair to stop the leak and prevent any more from forming.


Your roof should not block off the flow of air into your home completely. Ventilation needs to be included under the eaves to make sure your attic does not become too humid, causing mold to form. When roofs are installed, soffits, vents and other measures should be installed as well to make sure enough air will flow through the attic.


Trees can make your yard look beautiful and can lower your energy bills by shading your roof from the sun. However, they can also seriously damage your roof. A single branch getting knocked down during the Phoenix Arizona monsoon season can leave a huge hole in your roof. Imagine what an entire tree would do if it fell during a storm.

Leaves, pine needles and other debris from trees can also clog your gutters and damage your roof. Clogged gutters will send water onto your roof, causing damage. Decomposing leaves and other tree debris can also break down roofing materials and cause damage.

The best way to avoid these common roofing problems is to work with the right roofing company to employ preventive measures and to get the right maintenance. Allstate Roofing is a full-service roofing company in Arizona, and we offer everything from Phoenix roof repair to new installation. Offering Phoenix tile re-roofing and qualified Phoenix shingle roofers in 85024, our expert contractors can take care of your roofing project. We can help you develop a plan to avoid these common roof damages, and we can add years to your roof’s life. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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