Smart Maintenance Tips For Phoenix Roofs

Keeping Arizona Shingle, Tile & Foam Roofs In Proper Condition

The right roof will last you for many years or even decades. A foam roof in Phoenix AZ can even last your whole lifetime. The key to extending the life of your roof is properly maintaining it, both through your own personal upkeep and through hiring a professional and experienced roofer.

Shingle Tile Roof In Phoenix, AZ Home

When you get your new Phoenix roof, you will need to talk with your roofing contractor about the proper roof maintenance to keep it in its best shape. Here are a few things you need to do once you have your new Phoenix roof installed:

Keep Your Arizona Roof Free of Debris

No matter what type of roof you choose, debris that accumulates on it can cause it to break down and develop leaks. Leaves, pine needles, moss, dirt and other debris can all start to compost on your roof, seeping into the underlayment and causing your roofing materials to compost, as well. By simply keeping your new roof free of debris, you can help keep it healthy.

Routine Roof Maintenance Is Essential

Once or twice a year, you should have your roof inspected by a professional contractor. The signs of a problem with your roof can be hard to spot, so this essential roof maintenance can help you deal with problems before you have to invest hundreds or thousands in roof repair. A roofer will look for things like signs of curling shingles, loose tiles, cracks in the flashing and more. If you can’t have this roof maintenance performed twice a year, at least make sure you do it before the start of a major weather season, like monsoon season.

Roof Repairs Must Me Done ASAP

Problems with your roof can quickly threaten the structural integrity of your whole home if they are left untreated. Leaks and other issues can cause the formation of mold, rot and other problems. Develop a relationship with the roofer who installed your new PHX roof and get prompt roof repair when it’s needed. The right roofer will also provide emergency services to help you get your roof back to top shape in the fastest amount of time possible.

Contact Phoenix’s Leading Roof Repair Company

At Allstate Roofing, we have been offering roofing services for Phoenix homes and businesses for years. We can help whether you are looking to have a new roof installed or you need ongoing roof maintenance services or roof repair. Our licensed and experienced Phoenix roofers are committed to providing the best service and workmanship possible to ensure a satisfactory experience while also protecting your home or business.

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