How To Prepare Your Roof For the Phoenix Monsoon Season

Phoenix is known for its sweltering temperatures in the summer. When you step outside your house, you can feel like you’ve stepped inside an oven. Fortunately, the rains eventually come and help to cool things down a notch. Unfortunately, those rains can turn into monsoons and flood your yard and damage your home. Monsoons include heavy rains and strong winds, both of which can be damaging to your property and put you in serious need of a roof repair contractor in Phoenix.

How To Prepare Your Roof For The Phoenix Monsoon Season!

Through all of it, your roof can take the biggest beating. The intense heat can break down the shingles or tiles and the underlayment below them. The strong rains and winds can tear those tiles and shingles off or damage other elements of your roof, leading to costly roof repair. Preparing your roof can help it survive the summer and the monsoon season. Once the damage is done, you may need a Phoenix shingle roofer or a Phoenix tile roofer to inspect the damage. To avoid future destruction of your roof, here’s what you can do:

Have Your Phoenix Roof Inspected

Before the monsoon season even begins, call a qualified roofing contractor in Phoenix to have your roof thoroughly inspected. The contractor will look for signs of any loose or missing shingles or tiles, gaps or cracks around the flashings, or deterioration in the sealant or underlayment. Any defects can make the roof vulnerable to the strong rains and winds.

Perform Any Necessary Phoenix Roof Repair

If the roofing contractor finds any problems or signs of weakness during the inspection, have the Phoenix roof repair performed before the monsoon season begins. You will ensure that your roof is in top shape to resist tears and cracks that can lead to leaks. Have any loose tiles or shingles fastened or replaced. Refresh the seals around the flashings and other elements. Make sure that the roof is healthy and provides a strong barrier between your home and the elements.

Remove Any Debris around the Home

The strong winds and rain won’t just pound against your roof. They can also pick up objects and hurl them against your house. Large sticks, rocks and loose household belongings can all become flying missiles in a monsoon. You can minimize the risk by keeping your yard clear. Pick up all debris regularly. You won’t be able to eliminate the risk since monsoons can pick up items from anywhere and throw them against your house, but taking this simple step can reduce the ammunition available.

Allstate Roofing has been helping residents throughout Phoenix since 2001. Our experienced and friendly Goodyear roofing contractors can inspect your roof and help you to get it ready for the Phoenix monsoon season to try to reduce the risk of damage. However, if your roof does fall victim to monsoons, our contractors are ready to help you with quick and thorough roof repair. We work on all types of roofs, including tile roofs or shingle roofs and foam roofs on both homes and businesses. We are fully licensed and insured and make it our mission to provide quality workmanships and exceptional service. Call us today to find out how we may be able to help you prepare your roof for the Phoenix monsoon season or to repair it after a storm.

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