Top 5 Tips for Proper Peoria Roof Care

How To Properly Care For Your Peoria AZ Roof For most people in Peoria, Arizona, their home is their biggest investment. The roof can have a major impact on the value of the home. Weather you have a shingle, tile, foam or hot asphalt roof system it is important in keeping it well maintained and following a few basic roof care tips. A roof that you have taken care of makes your home look its best, adds to its value and protects your home and family from inclement weather. Discover these simple roof care tips and add to the life of your roof.

1. Inspect Regularly

Frequently inspecting your roof is a vitally important method of preventative maintenance. At least twice a year, do a visual inspection. Ideally, hiring a licensed Peoria roofing contractor to do the inspection is best. Do not walk on the roof itself, but use a ladder to check for missing or damaged tiles or shingles—one sign of damage is curling or fraying at the edges. Another sign of a roof in ill repair occurs when you find gaps or cracks around the chimney, skylights or vents. Finally, check the boards around the edge of the roof. Soft or rotten boards are a sign of roof leakage. Your roofing company in 85050 will be able to help with this.

2. Keep it Clean

Keep your roof clean by regularly removing leaves, pine straw and similar debris. Keeping the gutters clean is important as well. Most Desert Ridge Phoenix roofing companies will sweep or blow your roof clean as part of a yearly maintenance plan—if you desire. Removing this debris regularly will make it less likely for water damming to occur causing damage to your roof. In the event that you need aPhoenix roof repair roofer, Allstate Roofing can take care of your roofing project.

3. Trim Nearby Trees

The trees near your home can cause damage to the roof. If a branch is scraping the roof, the shingles will become damaged more quickly. Additionally, if leaves or pine straw falls onto the roof, it will require more frequent cleaning. Trimming or even removing nearby trees is a simple way to protect your roof.

4. Avoid Paint

Most Peoria roofing shingles are not meant to be painted. The chemicals in paint can cause the shingles to break down. Before you paint your roof, call a Phoenix shingle roofing professional and let him or her recommend a course of action. There may be a solution that will not cause this long-term damage.

5. Stay Off the Roof

Finally, stay off the roof. Walking on the roof causes damage to the shingles, and tile roofing in Phoenix—and it can be very dangerous. A professional Peoria roofer has the right experience to safely traverse your roof and not cause damage.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or not, roof work requires an expert touch. Call or contact a licensed, Peoria professional roofing contractor before you tackle any project involving your roof.

If you follow these tips, you will get the most life out of your roof and improve the overall appearance of your home—two things every homeowner appreciates.

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