Testing The Integrity Of Your Roof In Preparation For Solar Panels

How The Condition Of My Roof Affect a Solar Panel Installation?

Solar panels are the perfect way to take advantage of the powerful Arizona sun and save on your energy bills. Your home’s roof is often the ideal location for solar panels because it gets the most sun exposure to maximize your solar energy production. As you begin your solar panel project, you’ll first need to know details about the age and condition of your roof. Any needed roof repairs or replacements will need to be completed by a Chandler roofing company before solar panels can be installed. Here are some considerations to test the integrity of your roof and determine whether it’s solar panel-ready.

A roof in perfect condition with a solar panel in Phoenix, AZ.

What Type Of Shingles Are Best For Solar Panels?

Almost any type of roof can support solar panels, including shingles made with asphalt, metal, or tile. The most important consideration is the roof is in good condition and has enough surface area to meet building codes and your energy production goals.

The Greatest Roof Type Style For PV Panels

Homeowners are usually happy to learn that solar panels can be installed on almost any style of roof. An experienced solar panel installer can work with gable, hip, or combination roofs on homes, garages, barns, and even sheds. Usually, the solar panels can be split into multiple groups that will work with the rooflines and any roofing components such as skylights, vents, and pipe boots.

Roof Slope & Orientation For Solar Panels

To maximize sun exposure, it’s usually recommended for homes in the northern hemisphere to install their panels on the south facing side of their roofs. Ideally, a roof-mounted solar panel system should be installed at an angle equal to the latitude of its install location, although a 15-40 degree slope will work in most cases. Your Queen Creek roofing contractor can provide guidance on whether your roof slope will work, and individual solar panels can also be adjusted to optimize their sun exposure.

Is Your Roof Ready For Solar Panels?

Almost any home can accommodate at least a few solar panels, but you’ll want to review these requirements first to make sure your roof is ready. Keeping up with roofing maintenance is the best first step.

What Is The Square Footage Of Your Roof?

When it comes to solar panels, roof size matters. Your roof will likely need to meet requirements for a minimum number of usable square feet in order to comply with building codes. These codes typically require areas of open roof space for access and ventilation in case there is ever a need to clear smoke, fumes, or heat during a house fire.

What Type Of Roofing Material Do You Have?

Strong roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, provide an ideal surface for supporting the weight of solar panels. If your roof is flat or made with tar and gravel, it will not qualify for solar panel installation.

How Old Is Your Roof?

The general guidelines suggest that asphalt roofs should be under 10 years old and in good condition before solar panels are installed. If your asphalt shingle roof is more than ten years old, you’ll want to schedule an inspection with a Carefree roofing company near me to check its condition. It’s best to have any necessary repairs or roof replacements done before the installation so that you don’t need to have your solar arrays removed and reinstalled at another time.

What Is The Condition Of Your Roof?

During your home’s roof inspection, your Phoenix roofing contractor will inspect for any indications of damage or leaks, along with making sure your ventilation systems are in good working order. You’ll want to make sure that any damaged shingles and any missing roofing components – which may include underlayment, vents, and flashing – are all in good condition and replaced if needed prior to your solar panel installation. Your inspector can also verify that the overall condition of your roof’s decking and structure is up to code so you can skip the hassle of prematurely removing your solar panels to repair roof-related problems that could have been avoided in the first place.

Once your roof tests and inspections are complete and you are confident that your roof is in good condition, it’s time to explore the solar panel options available to you so you can start meeting your energy needs!

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