Solar panels are an excellent choice for your home, helping you to save money while also doing your part for the environment. You can harness all that Paradise Valley sun to generate power for your home, lowering your monthly energy bills and reducing your consumption of natural resources.

The Top 5 Paradise Valley Roof Questions about Solar Panels Answered

The Top 5 Questions about Solar Panels Answered

Thinking about getting solar panels? Here is a helpful guide with the answers to the top five questions about solar panels to get you started!
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Despite its many benefits, solar power is not yet widespread. Many people have misconceptions about solar power or just don’t know where to start. A qualified Paradise Valley roofing contractor by Allstate Roofing can give you all the answers you need and help guide you through the process of installing solar panels.

We’ve also put together this short guide with the answers to the top five questions about solar panels to get you started:

1. Do I Need Permits for the Installation?

Yes, you will need to get permits to install solar panels, the same way you would have to get a permit to put on a new roof. However, you should not be installing solar panels yourself, which means you also shouldn’t be getting the building permits yourself. The roofing contractor you hire should obtain the necessary permits for the work, and any fees required will be included in the overall cost of the job.

Don’t try to install solar panels yourself. Not only will you be putting yourself in physical danger, but you will also put your home in jeopardy. You need a professional who has the right tools and the right training to perform the job properly and safely.

2. How Long Will It Take Me to Recover the Investment?

The answer to this question is complicated. How much you save on energy costs depends on a number of factors, including how much energy your home consumes, the size of your solar panels and your climate (how much sun they get). Regardless of how long it takes you to recover your investment, you can be certain that you will recover it.
Tax credits help you get your money back even faster. A federal tax credit gives back 30 percent of the cost of the investment. Paradise Valley AZ offers dozens of incentives for solar panels, including loan programs, tax credits and more.

3. How Much Sun Do I Need?

How much sun you need for your solar panels depends on how much energy you need for your home. The more sun you have, the more the solar panels will produce. Fortunately, Paradise Valley is one of the sunniest areas in the country. Only tropical places in other countries get more sun. Arizona gets between five and six “full sun hours” a day, which helps generate a lot of solar power.

4. Will the Panels Damage My Roof?

They can damage your roof if you don’t hire the right roofing contractor oversee the solar installation. However, an experienced contractor can install them properly and in the right location so they don’t cause any leaks or stress damage.

An experienced contractor can also perform roof repair for damage caused by improper installation and can ensure the health of your roof.

5. How Much Energy Can I Expect from the Panels?

This is another “it depends” answer. Different panels have different output, and how much sun you get will influence how much energy you get. The more panels you have installed and the more sun you get each day, the more energy you will produce for your home. You may not ever completely power your home on solar energy, but you will produce enough energy to take a significant chunk out of your monthly energy consumption and your utility bills.

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