Commercial roofing needs are much different than residential roofing needs in Arizona. Commercial buildings are designed differently than homes. They often have flat roofs, and they have many components on the roof, such as HVAC systems and electrical boxes. Commercial buildings are also typically designed to look a specific way, so systems for ventilation and rainwater runoff are different than what is typically found on a home.Add to all this that commercial buildings in Arizona also have to stand up to some extreme climate conditions. The summers are extremely hot, and every year, monsoon storms pound the state with heavy rains and winds. Roofs must be designed to stand up to it all to keep the property protected.

Best Roofing Systems for Commercial Buildings in Arizona

You should consult with an experienced Phoenix commercial roofing contractor to get tailored suggestions for your property, but here are the top recommendations for commercial roofing systems in Arizona:

Commercial Foam Roofing

Picture of a recent foam roofing project for a Phoenix commercial client Foam roofing is one of the most popular commercial roofing types not only in Arizona, but nationwide as well. Commercial foam roofing in PHX is applied as a liquid, but it dries to harden. The liquid foam covers every millimeter of the roof, and it seeps into every nook and cranny. Once it dries, it forms a solid surface across the roof, hugging close to vents, adjoining walls, and anything else that intersects with the roof. As long as a foam roof is properly maintained, it will protect the roof against UV damage, and it will help make the property more energy efficient.

Phoenix foam roofs are ideal for flat roofs. It cannot be used on roofs with over a slight pitch due to the method of application. The foam can even be applied over some existing roofing systems. Foam roofing can also last upwards of forty to fifty years if it is properly maintained, so it can save businesses quite a lot of money in the long term.

Tar and Gravel For Your Commercial Roof

You will see tar and gravel roofing on many commercial buildings in Arizona. This roof starts with a layer of roof felt, and then it is coated with bitumen and built up. It is commonly referred to as a “built-up roof”. The final step in the application process is adding a fine layer of gravel.

The layer of roof felt and bitumen protects the roof from water damage, and the layer of gravel protects it from the intense heat. Tar and gravel roofing is not as energy efficient as foam roofing, but it still provides reasonable protection. This type of roofing is also ideal for flat roofs, which are common to commercial buildings.

Commercial Tile Roofing

For commercial buildings that have a pitched roof or a look that is more like a residence, tile roofing is a good choice. You see tile roofs most Picture of a recent tile roofing project for a Phoenix commercial client commonly on apartment buildings and small shops. The commercial tile roofing Phoenix provides a beautiful look while also offering protection against intense heat, hail, strong winds, and heavy rains. It can be installed on any pitch roof.

Tile comes in a variety of materials, but concrete is one of the most popular choices. It is affordable and has a relatively long lifespan. However, there are a range of choices depending on the look you want, the budget you have, and the requirements of your roof.

It’s important that you talk to a good Phoenix roofer about these and other options for your building to know what will best serve your needs. Your contractor will inspect your property to let you know what your roof needs and give you options that will suit your budget and your design preferences.

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Written by Chad Thomas

“Chad Thomas, born in Arizona and influenced by his licensed roofer father, gained extensive experience in major companies before founding his own licensed roofing business.”