Subtle Indications That Your Roof is Damaged

Sometimes the signs of Phoenix residential roofing damage are obvious, such as steady leaks, wet spots, or missing shingles. However, there are often many far less obvious signs indicating that Phoenix tile roofing needs attention, but these signs easily get missed because homeowners are unaware. An expert Phoenix roofing company near you, Allstate Roofing, has shared a few subtle signs to watch for that indicate your roof is damaged and needs Phoenix roof repairs

Tile roof repair in Phoenix

1. Animal Life

Having many birds or other animals on your Phoenix commercial roofing may seem like a normal part of life, but it is actually a clear indicator that your roof needs attention. Wild animals have a phenomenal knack for finding any available place on your roof to hide in or make their home. This only leads to more damage and the potential for leaks or bacteria growth inside your roof and attic. If you notice an increasing number of wildlife on your roof, it is time for a roof inspection.

2. Strange Whistling Sounds

You may be noticing an odd whistling sound or feel a subtle draft in your home. These are both indicators that you might have roof damage. Even the smallest of holes in Glendale  shingle roofing can allow air to flow through your roof and attic into your home and can be extremely difficult to pinpoint without a thorough inspection by a professional Glendale roofing contractor  

3. Darkened Spots on Your Roof

Any dark spots that form on your roof warrant an immediate roof inspection. While it may seem like a harmless normal part of wear and tear, these black spots actually indicate that a roof leak has been going on for some time. Neglecting darkened roof spots paves the way for leaks to cause even greater damage inside your home, along with encouraging the growth of mold and mildew inside your roof. 

4. Warped Shingles 

Just as missing shingles are an obvious sign that your roof needs attention, shingles that are warped or buckled also indicate roof damage. Buckling shingles allow moisture to seep underneath into your attic and need to be addressed right away. It can be difficult to actually see any warped shingles unless you are physically on the roof, so it is important to perform routine inspections of your roof either by yourself or with a Phoenix roofing company

5. Nails on the Ground Around Your House

Lastly, if you have been noticing nails randomly lying on the ground along the edges of your house, check your roof! A warping or damaged roof forces the roofing nails to pop out of place and roll to either the gutters or the ground around your home. If you see nails scattered around the exterior of your home, you may need a Phoenix re-roofing in the near future.

Because spotting roof damage is not always an easy task, contact Allstate Roofing to perform routine inspections on your roof. No matter what material or the age of your roof, our technicians are fully certified and knowledgeable to pinpoint the signs of damage and perform any necessary repairs. As a BBB-accredited business, Allstate Roofing is capable, affordable, and committed to 100% customer satisfaction with every experience. To learn more about how to protect your roof and detect early signs of damage, contact us today at (602) 441-2237!

Written by Chad Thomas

“Chad Thomas, born in Arizona and influenced by his licensed roofer father, gained extensive experience in major companies before founding his own licensed roofing business.”